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The photographs are protected with a watermark “ZAMBIA STOCKPHOTOS” that appears as small dots with diagonal lines and the words © When purchased this watermark is removed and will not be present on any purchased downloaded photographs.


If you wish to purchase in kwacha, select Paypal on the checkout page.  

Why Buy Photographs?

Every young creative photographer in the world has to buy good equipment, not everything can be photographed using an iPhone. Google and social media have largely taken the place of Magazines to show outstanding photographs but they do not pay the photographers. A useful lens to photograph wildlife, such as a 600mm Nikkon, costs over USD10,000. The cost of time, transport and accommodation needs also to be rewarded.

Additional Information

From this website photographs are available in three sizes, Large 1662px X 2500px, Medium 1000px X 1500px, and Small 600px X 800px, all at 300dpi. These sizes should be functional for most uses. All the original photographs are taken on high resolution cameras and if a higher resolution is required, please contact us.