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Esther Kabwe is a photographer from Lusaka who is currently based in Uganda, where she is pursuing her final year of studies towards a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communication at Uganda Christian University. Esther’s journey into the realm of photography was sparked by a profound realization: the power of photography to bring her imagination to life. Inspired by this revelation, she embarked on a passionate pursuit of capturing the essence of African culture through her lens.

With a deep-rooted belief in the unparalleled beauty of the African continent, Esther’s photographic endeavors predominantly focus on showcasing the richness of African culture and its people. Through her Africa-themed shoots, she endeavors to celebrate the inherent glory of Africa, serving as a poignant reminder of its cultural heritage while also offering glimpses into its promising future. Her work serves as a testament to her commitment to sharing the captivating beauty of Africa with the rest of the world.

256 708 330355

256 708 330355

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