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Lusaka, Zambia

Chongo Rex Sampa, born on November 5th, 1995, in Luanshya Copperbelt, is a distinguished and seasoned photojournalist boasting over 5 years of extensive experience in press photography. Widely acclaimed for his ability to capture captivating and emotive images, Chongo’s journey into the world of photography was influenced by his early upbringing in Lusaka.
Growing up in the capital city, Chongo’s fascination with visual arts began early, inspired by his passion for drawing and creating art. His artistic inclinations were initially expressed through drawing moving images from the television and his imagination. However, the true turning point came when photography entered his life like a divine gift. This newfound medium allowed Chongo to translate his artistic vision into tangible expressions, capturing the essence of the world around him and breathing life into his imaginative creations.



Chongo’s Photos