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Lusaka, Zambia

Namukolo, a talented Zambian photographer, is deeply passionate about encapsulating the intrinsic beauty and rich diversity of her country and its people through her lens. Her expertise lies in the realms of portrait, event, and fine art photography, where she skillfully navigates the delicate balance between capturing moments and conveying the essence of her subjects.

Embarking on her photography journey in 2015, Namukolo initially served as a blog contributor for an entertainment blog, focusing on photographing entertainers, music, and art events. This experience not only honed her technical skills but also fueled her artistic vision. Over time, Namukolo has expanded her portfolio to cater to a broader audience. Beyond the realm of celebrities and events, she now dedicates her lens to capturing the individual stories of everyday people through evocative portrait photography. Additionally, she has delved into the realm of fine art photography, showcasing her creativity and introspection through self-portraiture.

Namukolo’s Photos